"Green Rings" / "Red Rings" - I generated the base for the images with GANs that were selectively trained to draw images of deserts (top) and oceans (bottom). The OG image output was super duper low res and reeked of digital stink because I first made them back in 2017 before there were good/well maintained tools for stuff like that floating around online, but I wanted a more photorealistic feel, so you're seeing them with lots of manual retouching and grain overlays and recolorations and whatnot. The red one was originally for a small batch of t-shirts. Metal prints are especially interesting to me because of how they reflect lights. I added the rings around the pictures to see how they played with the light. Very chic!

"Western Apeshit Landscape" - Made this for the cover of The Western Apeshit Suitewith a variety of AI nonsense and way too much time dedicated to learning legit digital art teqhniques. Whew. I love the way the strokes flow into each other, particularly the blue/green stuff in the bottom and the purple bits in the sky.

"Latent Voyager" - Stumbled into this while experimenting with The Uncanny Valley in relation to AI. The text comes from a page of my book Suppitive Ornamental Vigalence

"Tennessee Winston Luke Cover" - Art for a covers album by Actor/Musician Tennessee Luke from Adult Swim's Tim and Eric.

"Layer Seventeen" - Hyperdiagesis kinda rocks. Lots of my narratives loosely revolve around three-hundred-thirty alternate layers of reality that interface with specialty tools. I ran an 80-member Technology Seminar artistic collective in the Baltimore area for a few years. Though I made this image for some earlier more vaguely defined ARG projects, it started popping up a LOT for Tech Seminar performance art installations. Made this suckaaa with Neural Style Transfer and lots of manual editing.

"Bee" - A drawing of a bee I did for some tees. Kinda looks like Cicada 3301. Huh.